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Naomi Hope Counselling

Live the life you deserve! You deserve a space to be you! 

Are you feeling anxious? Depressed? Overwhelmed? Maybe you need a space where you can talk about and process your feelings safely, and in the presence of someone who will hear you, help you process what is going on for you, how you can move forwards so these feelings don’t overwhelm or control your life. Is it time to take a step in looking after yourself? Book a session today or phone or email for a chat about how I can help. 


Hi, I’m Naomi, a fully qualified (BACP) and experienced Bristol based counsellor working from The practice rooms in Clifton village and Southville. My hope is that through counselling you may be able to look for answers to your difficulties, explore your problems and enhance your life. 

There are times when life can become overwhelming, we may feel depressed or anxious, have a sense of being stuck or lost. There may be particular events which are troubling, relationship difficulties, unresolved childhood issues, bereavement, loss, etc. Each of those can challenge our ability to cope with our lives.

Counselling is a process where we can examine, talk about, reflect on, and explore our lives and the experiences we are going through. Using our feelings, thoughts, sensations and emotions we can begin to find a way to get in touch with our sense of self and our experiencing. Gradually we can find ways of moving forward in our lives again.

You may wish to talk about a goal you have in mind, you may want to explore things from your past or what is going on for you in the present. For some the goals are much broader, as they want to consider their purpose in life. Maybe it’s all a little muddled, that’s ok too. 

It is about how you can work, with me, to free up what is stuck, find the way forward that is unclear at the moment, or resolve issues which are troubling. I will endeavour to work my hardest to help you.

For me counselling is a collaborative process, in which we work together. To encourage that I will monitor how things are going for you on a regular basis, but also how each of our sessions has been, to see if the session has been helpful and productive for you.

For many people counselling is a puzzle in itself - am I doing it right? In some ways there are no rights or wrongs, rather it is allowing yourself to reach inside to what is unclear or fuzzy, vague or uncertain, to alllow something new to come.

Call or text Naomi on 07919 388036

Or email

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About me

I am in my 40s have many life experiences and am experienced in counselling clients in many areas. 
I have a particular interest in anxiety and depression, as well as childhood issues that may still affect us into adulthood. 
I also have an interest in working with people exploring their past, present and future; the stages of change in life that may bring challenges, eg. Parenting, relationships, young people (over 18s), uni life, work/ career life, middle age and retirement and beyond. 
I am a friendly, warm and caring person and I hope to create a safe space for you to explore anything you wish. I endeavour to offer a confidential space where you feel heard, less alone and not judged. 
No problem is too big or too small, I am able to be with your emotional pain and suffering with you if you wish, tears are welcome, any emotion is welcome. Emotions can feel less heavy and less lonely if shared and explored, anything that is affecting you is worthy of exploration, because you are worthy. 
If life isn’t quite how you would like it, even if it’s very unclear as to what you would like to explore or what you need help with, I can help you.
My training.
I have been trained in an integrative person-centred approach and trained with Network counselling in Bristol and worked as a volunteer counsellor with them for over 2 years. 

My Qualifications.
• Diploma in Person Centred Counselling (BACP approved course) 
• Advanced Certificate in Counselling.
• I have full liability insurance.
​• I undertake continual professional development by ongoing training and keeping up to date with current practice. 
• I undertake regular supervision to ensure my work is the best it can be. I also regularly review my own personal development and have had and have counselling myself.
How do I work? 
I work with you to build a secure and safe relationship where we can work to explore your beliefs, life strategies and behaviour patterns that may or may not be working for you. Counselling can help to reframe these into healthier ones which enable you to live a more fulfilling life.   

Other experience.I have over 24 years experience of parenting which brings a lot of understanding of the challenges being a parent can bring, I also have extensive experience of working with primary age children and I have a keen interest in their personal, social and emotional development. 

Although I don’t counsel children I feel my experience with children helps when counselling adults, especially when not all our childhood needs were met as children, or where we may have experienced trauma or difficulties. If your childhood experiences affect you and impact your adult life counselling can help. 

Like many, I have had my own life challenges, and from this comes growth, you can also experience this with counselling. 
I hold hope that life can change for the better. I can offer you this hope as we journey together. 

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Where I work from and what I charge.

Clifton & Southville

Sessions are £60 per session. (Including your first session)

Sessions are usually weekly and are 1 hour long. Having therapy weekly has the best therapeutic outcome. Sometimes clients choose to come for more than one session a week and this can also be accommodated. 

I work from The Practice rooms in Clifton village and Southville in Bristol which both have easy transport links and on street parking. The rooms are lovely with a calm homely feel with plants and soft furnishings, comfy chairs and natural light from the big windows. There is a small staircase to the first set of rooms. I also work online. 

I can offer sessions daytimes and evenings. I usually offer the same time each week but if you need more flexible times I sometimes can offer this too. 

I have a couple of spaces offered at a slightly reduced rate for people who may need them so please ask if this is needed. (Sorry these are full atm) 

I welcome student counsellors and have experience in working with counsellors in training.

Where do I work from? 


Wheat Field

Frequently asked questions 

Contact me for an informal chat and to arrange an initial session.

What kind of problems can counselling help me with?

Counselling can help with a wide range of concerns including...

• Stress • Anxiety • Depression • Relationship issues • Loss • Trauma  • Abuse • Bereavement• • Redundancy • Job issues • Fear • Self Esteem • OCD • Negative Thoughts • Divorce • Guilt • •Phobias • Post Traumatic Stress • Addiction• •Anger • Sadness • Self Confidence • Eating Disorders 
As well as other problems that may be hard to pin point or label.

What happens at a first introductory session?  

This allows you to meet with me without committing to further sessions, it will be your choice if you wish to continue with myself or not. In the first session we will cover confidentiality, boundaries, hopes, aims, concerns and questions regarding, counselling  and your goals for counselling. 

At the end of the introductory session, if you wish we can discuss an approach to working together and talk about how many sessions we could start with if you did decide you wanted to go ahead.

How many sessions will I need?
Counselling is a process and works over a period of time, so after an initial session, if you decide you would like to go ahead with more sessions I can book your next session in. It’s your choice how many sessions you have. 

What happens in a session?
The way I work is person-centred which means that you will decide what you want to talk about, or work on.  You do not have to talk about anything that you don’t want to. During the session we will look at how you are feeling and what has been happening for you generally.  This will then help us to jointly identify what areas you need to explore further.  You are in control of this and I will respect your decision at all times.

How does counselling help?
Counselling helps you to explore the issues that are troubling you. Counselling gives you space and time for personal reflection within a supportive environment. You will be able explore your thoughts and feelings, which in your day-to-day life you often don’t have time or energy to deal with. We all deserve some reflective time for our own personal growth and development. 
Is it time you gave yourself what you give to others? 

Is it confidential?
Everything is confidential between us and I take confidentiality very seriously. There are only certain things that I have a duty to disclose and I will explain this in the first session before we start.
Counselling can be a place to talk about self harm, suicidal thoughts and feelings, etc.It is important to me that you can have a safe space to explore these things if needed.
I am required to have regular supervision, this ensures I work professionally, adequately and safely. Anything discussed with my supervisor will remain anonymous at all times. 

Live the life you deserve! You deserve a space to be you! 

Fall Foliage

You are enough as you are, you are ok as you are, and it is ok to be where you are… where will you go next? 

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